Internationalisation Policy

The mission of Fenerbahçe University, which always prioritizes universality, freedom, tolerance, diversity, academic and personal development for its students and academic and administrative staff, is to learn together, produce knowledge, share the knowledge produced, add value to the society and to be a university that embraces universal values. While transforming the academic and personal development of our students into a quality journey via scientific research and studies, the support for innovative and entrepreneurial ideas, the organizational climate that encourages competition and self-confidence and with our educational programs, the added value created by our employees is a valuable source of the economic and social development of the society.

While the multidimensional change and transformation dynamics experienced in globalization, information technologies, production relations deeply affect the flow rate and direction of life with their positive and negative aspects, they have enabled the world we live in to fit into our hands.

Undoubtedly, this shrinking world that we have witnessed has brought to the agenda of humanity the conundrum of problems that are contradictory with its economic, social, cultural, and political dimensions, that we have difficulties in predicting, that we must overcome by thinking and acting together creatively for solutions.

Universities, as the ancient institutions of a much more challenging climate by each day, are faced with the reality of being in multi-faceted new searches and collaborations from education to research in adapting to change and transformation and even directing change and transformation by influencing these dynamics.

While today's world has transformed into a universe where the knowledge produced is rapidly consumed, one small step can make big differences, competition becomes global, humanity's interaction with each other intensifies, learning gains continuity through personalization, one of the main policies of universities has been to open up locally to their own geographies and to the global world. In other words, the internationalization policy reflects the historical existence of a higher education institution to the present day.

As a young higher education institution, Fenerbahçe University earnestly prioritizes the goal of internationalization in creating the institutional values that it adopts with the awareness of this reality. Internationalization policy is the most important element for Fenerbahçe University to develop and strengthen its intellectual capital and organizational capacity as a young university. With this element, Fenerbahçe University's goal of reaching a multinational academic and student community, ensuring international unity in education, academic studies and research will be realized.

Being established by the “Fenerbahçe Education, Culture and Health Foundation”, which was founded by Fenerbahçe Sports Club with its experience and tradition of over 100 years, and “Medicana Health Group”, which has invested in the national and international health sector with its experience, technology, and innovation in the health sector since 1992, is the distinctive aspect of FBU's internationalization policy.

This framework of internationalization policy will support Fenerbahçe University's internalization of its core values, which are expressed as “Institutional autonomy”, “Academic freedom and responsibility”, “Internationalization”, “Being student-oriented”, “Participation”, “Valuing pluralism and diversity”.

In this context, the objectives of Fenerbahçe University's internationalization policy are as follows:

  • Developing internationalization policy and process administration with the assessments of internal and external stakeholders at the university, faculty and program level,
  • To strengthen the capacity of the International Relations Directorate,
  • To provide competent and accredited language education in the foreign languages ​​department,
  • To provide Turkish language learning opportunities for international students with the support of Turkish Teaching Application and Research Center (TÖMER),
  • To provide opportunities for national and international students to study a foreign language other than the program language,
  • To ensure that faculty members are advanced users of at least one foreign language,
  • To encourage international mobility in the structuring of academic programs,
  • To augment the number of academic programs in English,
  • To create a multicultural and diverse learning environment,
  • To augment the number of international faculty members,
  • To develop support services for international academic staff,
  • To augment the number of international students,
  • To increase the country diversity of international students,
  • To develop guidance and academic consultancy services for international students,
  • To increase the learning and internship mobility of students,
  • To increase the international mobility of academic staff,
  • To increase the international mobility of administrative staff,
  • To maximize partnerships and collaborations based on education and research, and to target information exchange,
  • To increase cultural and social cooperation,
  • To be open to sectoral cooperation,
  • To increase international quality in education activities through membership to international networks and accreditation processes,
  • To use digital systems effectively, to establish reporting and monitoring systems, and to carry out supervision regarding the quality of support services and internationalization targets


Prof. Dr. Fatma KANCA