Student Associations

Fenerbahçe University is also providing support to the development and diversity of the student clubs under the organization and framework of our University in order to provide contribution to the socio-cultural development of the students besides the theoretical education received, highlighting their lives from different perspectives, upbringing innovative, creative, entrepreneurial individuals.

Functioning to serve the aforesaid purpose, we have 41 student clubs.

  1. R&D, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club
  2. Nutrition Club
  3. Natural and Historic Environment Protection Club
  4. Dancing Club
  5. Nature Sports Club
  6. E- Sport Club
  7. Literature Club
  8. Industrial Engineering Club
  9. Financial Innovation-Economy Club
  10. Physiotherapy Club
  11. Touring and Culture Club
  12. Aviation, Space and National Technology Club
  13. Nursery Club
  14. IEEE Club
  15. Communication Club
  16. Career and Communication Club
  17. Architectural Design Club
  18. Humor Club
  19. Motorcycling Club
  20. Debate Club
  21. Music Club
  22. Robotic Automation Club
  23. Art Club
  24. Chess Club
  25. Cyber Security Club
  26. Cinema and Photography Club
  27. Sports Club
  28. Water Sports Club
  29. Drama Club
  30. Social Volunteers Club
  31. Ultra Lion-Uni Club
  32. International Relations and Politics Club
  33. International Student Club
  34. International Apprenticeship Exchange and Mentoring Club
  35. Uni -BJK Club
  36. Uni -FEB-1907 Club
  37. Uni- GFB Club
  38. Uni-TS Club
  39. Production Researches Club
  40. Software and Informatics Club
  41. Sailing Club